Who is The Light Room

David Cubbin, the creative force and visionary driving The Light Room in Surry Hills, hails from the picturesque landscapes of North Wales in the UK. His journey as an image-maker commenced in the azure depths of The Grand Cayman Islands, where he honed his skills as an underwater photographer. In his journey, David transitioned into an accomplished studio and location photographer, making a significant impact on the dynamic creative landscape in the UK.

5 Years ago, the allure of Australia beckoned, and David’s narrative took a transformative turn as he pursued his dreams and found love in Amanda, affectionately known as “The Wife.” It was in pursuit of these dreams and fueled by a passion for photography that David realised his vision, establishing The Light Room!

In the early stages of his career, David built a strong foundation in film photography, demonstrating his proficiency in capturing moments both above and below the water. As the digital revolution unfolded, he wholeheartedly embraced digital photography and the accompanying peripheral technologies. However, acknowledging the resurgence of film’s allure, The Light Room was conceived as a haven for film enthusiasts.

At the core of The Light Room’s offerings are film processing facilities catering to a growing clientele, supporting both Colour C41 and Black and White formats. The studio, equipped for digital or film endeavors, serves the community by producing high-quality and inspiring portraits, empowering images, and impactful personal and product branding shots.

Beyond the studio walls, The Light Room extends into the vibrant Surry Hills surroundings. David’s ‘Walk and Talk’ photography sessions offer a unique blend of education and exploration. Participants not only witness the stunning architecture, beautiful flora, and dynamic views but also gain insights from David’s wealth of experience. These sessions, designed for beginners, aim to foster a sense of photographic community, encouraging the exchange of ideas about both film and digital photography and the art of image-making. The Light Room stands not just as a studio but as a hub for creativity, education, and community in the realm of photography.